Class Descriptions for 2019

Weds October 30th 8-11

Make a Pet Pattern from Your own Photo

If you are thinking about signing up for this class it works in connection with my class on Thursday Making Pet Portraits in Fabric Collage. Your photograph does not need to be of a pet, it can be any animal or similar photograph but pets are most requested. It can also be taken as a stand-alone class. For part of the process a light-box is required. I will provide a few, windows in the convention center will also work or if you are traveling locally and you have one I would ask if you could bring one.

Instructions on what to bring. The photo you choose will need to be cropped to remove any unnecessary background or animal body. Focusing on the face is most successful. You will need to reprint this photo at “fit to page” so it once again fills an 8 x 10 or 8 1/2 x 11 inch page. Then take this photo to you local print shop and ask for them to enlarge it by 200% in black and white. This shoiuld only cost a few $$ and is printed on blueprint paper. The size of the image will be about 22” x 18” and is a good size to work on in class and fit on the table. If you have problems choosing or cropping the photo etc feel to contact me and email me your photos. If you work fast and wish to work on another pattern please bring a couple of enlargements.

Thursday Oct 31 8-5 pm Making Pet Portraits in Fabric Collage. This classs works in connection with my pattern making class on Weds Oct 30 at 8-11am. If you don’t attend the pattern making class its ok but please contact me so I can send you details about what to bring to the class to use to make into your pattern. I will attach the more detailed materials list here . Class Materials List

Student work in Progress. Original photo but pattern made from a cropped enlargement from that photo.

Student work in Progress. Original photo but pattern made from a cropped enlargement from that photo.

Friday Nov 1 2019 8-5pm Dazzling Dogs class. This class will be focused on 2 kits that I bring; the Bulldog and Boston Terrier. For the class students will get to choose one of these two kits. I am teaching my raw edge fabric collage technique using these patterns with unrealistic colors. The second half of the class I will teach how to create your own patterns for a pet portrait quilt using a photo of your pet. I will show samples of pet portraits I have made using realistic colors.

My other classes also work using kits

Fabulous Fish Weds October 30th 2-5pm In this class I will provide a variety of fish patterns and fabrics that work with them. I will describe my technique so students can work on making fish. I will later demonstrate how to complete the wall hanging and include other undersea elements. The kit will include fish fabrics, patterns, and hand-dyed background fabric. You are welcome to bring extra fabrics to use also.

My Sunlit Sunflower class on Tues Oct 29 8-11 am This is a 3 hr class so the pace will be pretty quick. Students will learn my fabric collage technique and other tips about using color in these quilts. My kit includes plenty of colored fabrics, the pattern, and the interfacing. You are welcome to bring extra fabrics in sunflower colors.

Finally my last class is Rocking Roosters on Tuesday Oct 29 2-5pm. Again I have a choice of two similar patterns. One is a mainly black and white rooster and the other has some black and white but has a more colorful body. These are fun quilts to make as you can add a colorful pieced background. In the class though in 3 hours students will just be working on completing the rooster.

Rocking Roosters Class

Rocking Roosters Class

Thanks for looking up my class descriptions. I will also be at the Friday evening sampler Nov 1, where you can watch me as I work on one of my pet portraits.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.